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Don Morton is a Glasgow based inline skate instructor (TrySkating) who has specialised in recreational & fitness skating for 15 years. Through his lessons experience Don has become familiar with the problems skaters face when trying to source skates for the first time that fit properly. Obtaining reliable information to avoid the pitfalls that so many folk encounter when buying a product for the first time which, in all honesty, they know very little about.


Where do you start?


Well why not trust the people who are involved with skates and skating all the time. Please check the Buying Skates page for more information. Remember when budgeting for skates to allow for safety pads + helmet, recommended protection for the new skater.

The first-time buyer should choose appropriate skates, this is a key part of starting off correctly. There are various disciplines of skating and each favours its own particular type of skate, some of which are not suited to recreational and fitness skating. Your skates must be fit for purpose. To assist in this matter Don has set up his own shopping cart 'StartSkating' that works in tandem with his well-established instructor website TrySkating.


Do not buy cheap discount skates from sources that clearly know nothing about them. If buying on internet auction sites be confident the product is the correct one for you and is not going to prove a time-consuming mistake that will hinder progress. Make sure you can return skates for refund or exchange if they do not fit comfortably.


Don both hires and sells inline skates, he places you under no obligation, that's a promise. Have a look at what is on offer. If more information is needed please do not hesitate to contact Don directly by email.